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Future Trading

Anonymous Future Trading With No KYC
Buy Today For Specific Time In Future And Take Profit From Your Predictions

OKStg Solution:

Trade Different Types of International and Crypto Pairs With Your Money Without Exchanging To Any Pairs. Don’t Lose Your Money For BTC or Other Pairs Fluctuations And Take Profit Only From Your Predictions.

Enter To All Social Groups With USDT And Trade On Future With Your Credits. Each Trade Needs It’s Own Credit Which Is Specified On Group Blockchain Contract.

Each Group Has It’s Own Laws Applied By Steady Contracts On Blockchain. When Trades Match On Market, Profit/Loss Will Be Calculated On Specific Date &  Time With Respects To Group Laws And Immediately Applied To Your Account. Trading Are Easy As One Click On Current Price For Future Date. 

Future Trading

As Simple As One Click

Secure Your Identity, No KYC

With Real People On Social

Don't Worry About Government's KYC

Trade Anonymously & Be Safe On Your Identity & Easily Take Your Profits


No Need To Trade With Your Real Name Governments Will Never Know Your Identity When You Trade And Take Profits

No Bots Are Allowed

No Trading Bots Are Allowed. Automatically Take Your Prediction's Profits From Other Individual's Wallet Immediately After Trade Happens. Save It safely Or Withdraw to Your Own Pocket without Anyone Asking For Taxes

Pure P2P Future Trading

See Prices Then Buy/Sell For Specific Date & Time On Future With Your Social Groups
Trade As Simple As One Click

OK Strategy Benefits


get rid of trading private bots and Telegram trading groups which could be manipulated by the group managers

Relying on assets and capital instead of the words of liars and swindlers who cannot be counted on

Permanent future trading solution for all goods, capital and assets

Ensure timely payment of interest on time

Join Now And Affiliate To Earn Money

75% Off For First

Traders Who Enter First Trading Group

Join To A Group And Invite Your Friends To Trade With Each Other Only On Your Predictions And Take Your Profits Automatically. It Needs 200 Traders To Start First Trading Group.

75% Discount To Enter The First Group Only For 200s First Traders.

Affiliate Our Application Among Your Friends And Take Up To 50% Profit From Others Trading’s Fee. Affiliate Anonymously On Your Channels And Take Profit From Other Traders.

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